Surrogate Sisters

Services for the Incarcerated

I accept the world I must live in (prison), but I don’t have to accept the pessimistic attitudes that exist in prison. My journey here, is to meet new and interesting people that can give me a little more hope on the inside of here, likewise, I will show you that life out there is never as bad as it is in here.
I’m very open-minded to hearing your story. I have my own redemption story as much the story of being falsely accused for a crime I didn’t commit. I’m hoping to meet new and fun interesting people who are very open-minded to new conversations that have understanding of my ordeal of a situation or would like to. In addition, tell me your stance on what it is you’d like accomplish when writing to me? My stance in to create conversations that evolve into more meaningful ones, later on in life.
So, my life may be a little crazy right now because I live in a cell and really don’t have a sense of privacy, but hey, that may all change on day when I get the hell out of here. I’m sure you all have gotten a taste of prison, mainly due to the Covid-19 lockdown, right? Locked inside your homes is not that much different in here except you all have better privileges.
In conclusion, you want to know more about me, just write me and I’ll be sure and happy to answer all letters.

Frank Escalante # AX-5865
PO Box 7500
Crescent City, CA 95532