Surrogate Sisters

Services for the Incarcerated

Hello to my future friends. My name is Jason Jaime, I am 44, yet feel as if I’m 30. In the free world I am a personal trainer so I like to workout. I am also an artist, so I like to draw and tattoo. Love all genre’s of music, play guitar, drums, and am teaching myself to sing. I am very animated and full of energy, not scared to be in the spotlight.

I tend to do things to the fullest, I do wish I had made some different choices. I made my decisions. I lost my mon and only sister, then I was raised without a father and basically no family left, so, here I am. I just want to relate to others who lost their families too!

Daily, I watch others get mail, so I saved up to get a pen pal service, hopefully it’s my turn. I may have moved prisons, so check posts for possible change of address.

My hobbies are camping, fishing, hiking, pretty much everything that has to do with lakes and oceans.

I do feel family is important and love to make others laugh and smile by being outgoing and being goofy. But, I am serious about life and am goal driven. My plan is to succeed.

I will be patiently waiting to hear from you!

Jason Jaime #11899-081
PO Box 2099
Pollock, LA 71467