Surrogate Sisters

Services for the Incarcerated

Lost and Alone, seeking Unconditional Friendship…

Behind these prison gates and wall, where time stands still while the rest of the world passes me by. Where I lay awake in my bed late at night, staring at old photos remembering the good times when I was free. I can close my eyes and almost feel the sun on my face (Nice!). Now I've become just a forgotten name and face, a distant memory. In this world loved ones drop off like rain and friends disappear like morning dew in the sunshine.  How can one's existence mean so much to one and yet so little or nothing at all to another? I fight daily to keep my sanity. They might have my body locked up, but my mind, heart, and soul they will never cage up! They will always remain free and belong to me. So are you willing to take the chance to get to know me? To allow me to become part of your life as you become part of mine thru out letters? To get to know all there is to know about each other? Then feel free to write me. All walks of life welcome. Age, Race, and Gender are unimportant to me, only friendship. I'm waiting! I will answer all. I'm a white male, 42 years old, 5' 11", brown hair, and hazel eyes. I have several tattoos with a big heart. I not judgmental.

Nathan Jines #531279
7908 N. Edison Avenue
Tampa, FL 33604