Surrogate Sisters

Services for the Incarcerated

To all my grown and sexy Ladies,

I'm looking for a mature and independent woman, 35 or older, must be thoroughbred. I love a woman who can hold her own. I was born in Liberia on the West Coast of Africa. I'm caramel complexion, 5' 9", dark brown hair, brown eyes, athletic build, with an easy smile. I have big hands and I enjoy cooking. I'm fascinated by cultures and arts. I also write a little poetry. I'm a full time lover and I value relationships whether  I'm your man, a friend, a listening ear, or a compassionate soul. I'm the type that pays attention to the little things because that's what makes a woman unique and special. Think of how the sun burns with passion. No matter where the moon is, and no matter which face the earth is showing, the sun stands true, always providing it's light and warmth. I can be that sunshine in your life. I'll give you that good love you know, the type that greets your heart in the mornings and kiss your mind good night. The type you daydream about, the red light special kind of love. I don't mind mowing the lawn and if you're a sweetheart, I might paint the bathroom too. Try my loyalty. I'm here for you and I'll  be moving there when your need me the most!

Solomon Cassell #1001132297
Jimmy Autry State Prison
PO Box 648
Pelham, GA 31779